www.rikmind.com – here you go!!!

I am delightful to share www.rikmind.com with you people. This is all due to your appreciation and support which compelled me to develop a website replacing my blog i.e. rik1987.wordpress.com. Please give your feedback so that we will be able to expand this Knowledge House into Knowledge World.

I am able to share information regarding Oracle Configuration till now. In all my posts I try to get data from multiple sources like user guides, implementation guides, websites and blogs related to oracle then summarize the data in easily understandable form.

I appreciate your suggestions to improve www.rikmind.com so that it becomes as much user friendly as users want.

30 thoughts to “www.rikmind.com – here you go!!!”

  1. I haven’t use your blog but I have heard that it is spreading fastly.
    InshAllah I will surely go through http://www.rikmind.com and I believe u have done some great work.
    We should appreciate such marvellous effort and work. I hope u will continue this in future and as ur own understanding increases u will more simplify things for ur followers

  2. Its nice to know that you have started your own domain. I am sure your experience will help people learn about the amazing potential Oracle EBS can offer

  3. great work… not everybody is that persistent and driven helping others. I truly admire you RIK. Keep rocking.

    mai.n akelaa hee chalaa thaa jaanib e manzil magar
    log saath aate gaye aur kaarvaa.n bantaa gayaa

  4. Great effort Raheel. Best wishes for the prosperity of your blog and website 🙂 . Looking forward to gain and share knowledge on this platform. 🙂

  5. Very nice Raheel. I just respect your thought of sharing the knowledge !
    Keep it up and Good luck with that !

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