Oracle Property Manager

Oracle Property Manager is part of the Oracle Real Estate Management solution. It provides you with tools to manage real estate tasks, such as property administration, space allocation, and most importantly, lease management. Landlords as well as tenants can use Oracle Property Manager to manage lease.

Information and critical real estate dates and milestones for property leases and space administration. This dual perspective enables Oracle Property Manager to address the needs of corporate real estate management, commercial property management, retail or franchise operations, and investment real estate companies (such as real estate investment trusts) and to manage their real estate portfolios efficiently.

Overall Process Flow

The following list is a typical sequence of events that you might follow to abstract a lease in Oracle Property Manager:

  • Set up service providers, and define locations, regions and office parks, milestones, and reporting currencies.
  • Abstract the lease. (Later, amend and edit it as needed).
  • Assign employees to office space. (Later, move and reassign the employees as needed).
  • Authorize payment and billing schedules.
  • Export payments to Oracle Payable.
  • Export bills to Oracle Receivables
  • Review online inquiries and/or produce reports.

Space Management:



Lease Management:



Source: Oracle User and Implementation Guide

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