Oracle Cash Management Configuration

Oracle Cash Management

Oracle Cash Management is an open integrated solution for managing your company/enterprise-wide cash cycle. Oracle Cash Management is an enterprisewide solution for managing liquidity and controlling cash. Cash Management gives you direct access to expected cash flows from your operational systems. You can quickly analyze enterprisewide cash management, cash requirements and currency exposures, ensuring liquidity and optimal use of cash resources. Using Oracle Cash Management companies can project cash flows from Oracle General Ledger, Oracle Receivables, Oracle Payables, Oracle Payroll, Oracle Projects and Oracle Purchasing. Oracle Cash Management lets you automatically or manually record and reconcile bank statements, matching against system transactions using rules and tolerance levels. You can review and correct any import validation or reconciliation errors online. Oracle Cash Management can automatically reconcile correcting statement lines against error statement lines and provide an audit trail for verifying correction of bank errors. Oracle Cash Management is part of the Oracle Financials family of applications.

Configuration Steps

1. Define System Parameters

Use the System Parameters window to configure your Cash Management system to meet your business needs. System parameters determine, for example, which set of books Cash Management uses, the default options for manual reconciliation windows, and the control settings for the AutoReconciliation program. Navigation path: Cash Management>Setup>System>System Parameters

2. Run Security Wizard

Using the Cash Management Security wizard, an administrator can assign multiple legal entities to a role or roles to set up the following three securities:

  • Bank Account Maintenance security – control bank account creation and updates
  • Bank Account Use security – control bank account access
  • Bank Account Fund Transfers security – control bank account transfers

For this purpose login through SYSADMIN default user and assign legal entity. Otherwise the user has to be given with relevant privileges to run this security wizard. User Name: SYSADMIN Navigation path: User Management>Roles & Role Inheritance

3. Bank Account Lookup Types

In Oracle Cash Management we can define lookup values for Bank Account Type. This lookup is extensible which can be defined current, saving, etc. Navigation path: Cash Management>Lookups

4. Define Bank(s)

The first step in the bank account creation is the bank definition. This means that which are the banks in which a company has accounts. This page allows you to search for existing banks, view and update them or create new banks. Navigation path: Cash Management>Setup>Banks>Banks

5. Define Branch(s)

Bank branch creation is the next step after the bank creation. Under a bank there must be branch(s) at different locations. This setup step allows you to search for existing bank branches, view and update them or create new bank branches. Navigation path:  Cash Management>Setup>Banks>Banks

6. Define Bank Account(s)

Once the bank and branch are created, you can proceed to the bank account setup. Select the bank branch you want to associate to your bank account. Assign the owner of the bank account. There are four areas associated to defining the account: general information, control of the account, security access to the account, and business unit assignment. If this is a Payable or Receivable account, the accounts are identified by business unit, and if a Payroll account, by legal entity. Navigation path: Cash Management>Setup>Banks>Bank Accounts

7. Define Check Book(s)

For each account Check Book is created in Oracle Cash Management. On payment automatic sequence number is assigned to the payment document. Navigation path: Cash Management>Setup>Banks>Bank Accounts After the configuration of these steps we are able to make entries in Oracle Cash Management.

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