Introducing Forums

I have shared enough detail to have understanding on Oracle ERP and a little bit of RPA, on the demand of users Forums (ERP DISCUSSIONS AND AVAILABLE SOLUTIONS) are added on website. You just need to LOG IN or SIGN UP to use it.

This will help us to discuss specific processes, issues, bugs and mapping of solution related to Oracle. In coming days I will try to specify resources to take care for each of the modules mentioned in the forum as well as those modules which are not commonly used.

I have also created a whatsapp group for welcoming the queries on run time, Whatsapp Group Name:

Always feel free to contact me for any detail and screeshots:

Email: raheelirshadkhan@gmail; Facebook: Raheel Irshad Khan or; Linkedin: Raheel Irshad Khan

Phone: +92-345-8509205 & +92-302-4381795 (whatsapp)

Request to reader: Please add more information through your comments so that we all can have better understanding.

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